What is a good bounce rate?

A good bounce rate for a B2B could be anything under 40% and for a B2C is an average of 2o%. However, anything under 80% is not necessarily a bad sign.

If your bounce rate is above 90% or below 20%, that often indicates a tracking or code installation error.

Usually, the bounce rate is lower on a B2C website because the user is expected to click on a product to buy it or learn more while in a B2B website it’s very common to be informative at first.

What is a bounce rate?

A bounce rate in this new digital marketing world of analytics is the percentage of visits that land on a page and leave without visiting a second page or interacting with the page they landed on.

According to Google Analytics, visitors who closed their browser, clicked the back button, typed a new URL, or visitors who just didn’t click in 30 minutes are consider bounce rate.

This does not mean that they did not look or read your content.

If a user lands on your blog post and reads the entire post, that content has achieved its goal.

There is a lot of speculation about the bounce rate in the sense that some people think that a bounce rate means users who just did not see your page.

When in reality your campaign can be a success if the point was to share a blog post or some relevant information as part of your content strategy.

Here is a Google Analytics hack just for you.

Add a line of code to your Google Analytics tracking script, so you can automatically trigger an event when readers stay for a minimum amount of time. You decide what you think the appropriate time should be.

If you use the regular Google Analytics code add this line:
setTimeout(“_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ’15_seconds’, ‘read’])”,15000);

If you are using the new Universal code add this line:
setTimeout(“ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘unbounce’, ’15_sec’)”, 15000);

Please leave me a comment if your analytics change this week after you make this adjustment.

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Gilbert only works with hand-selected businesses, improving their online results.

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