Google’s newest installment of its Google Analytics platform was announced on October 14, 2020.

The current version of Google dates back to November 2005, that’s 15 years without an update.

It is about time they updated one of the most used analytics platforms in the world.

There have been major changes in consumer behavior and the digital world.

This new version will give businesses more insights to better understand customers across devices and platforms, and be ready for the future.

Main changes

You will no longer have many properties per Google Analytics account, where each property used to represent either a website or a mobile device.

Now, there is a Google Analytics 4 property that represents both a website and a mobile app. Also, Google Analytics 4 provides only one reporting view that contains data from one or more data streams.

A data stream is a data source. You can have a data stream for your website and a data stream for your mobile app all under the same GA4 property.

Marketers can track a diverse range of user interactions to better understand how people engage with your business across your platforms.



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