Is Your Healthcare or Medical Marketing in compliance with Facebook, Google Ads and HIPAA?
3 min readMar 10, 2021

Stop fighting Facebook and Google with content that does not get approved. You will keep wasting valuable time; time that you can invest in other more necessary things.

Google and Facebook are following a similar path to what HIPAA compliance means. However, the repercussions for violating HIPAA laws with the wrong marketing can be around $50,000 per violation category and much more.

Once your team understands that social media’s mission is to share content without violating user’s privacy, the better are your chances.

If you are promoting health insurance for people with Covid you can’t say “Hey if you have covid”, that’s a direct attack, lol.

Instead of telling the user that they may have a condition, you can switch that message to something like “did you know there is insurance for COVID?” or “There is a new treatment that can save lives”, Did you notice the difference?

You can only address a health condition as an educational piece, or promote an event about the topic.

Once you change your content to address the user as “You With This Condition” your ads will be rejected.

It all makes sense when you see how many successful businesses dominate online platforms.

As a small business, you may be feeling like you are spending a lot of money and the revenue is just not there.

You are not alone, but know this, the process to build and grow a brand is much faster nowadays with social media and online platforms.

It may take you a couple of months to start to see steady results when you are HIPAA compliant but if you keep your focus on the benefits of your products or services then it is just a matter of time until you figure out your secret sauce while being in compliance.

HIPAA Marketing Safe Habits

One thing you can do to protect your company is to consistently require patients’ agreement to release their rights to their data to your company. Never depend exclusively on verbal agreements.

Having a written release form guarantees the client comprehends what data you’re using…

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